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WDBKA - Swarm List

If you are a local beekeeper looking to receive a swarm, you can register your interest with the WDBKA.

For any questions about the WDBKA Swarm List, please call the Swarm Coordinators.

Winchester & District Beekeepers' Association (WDBKA) maintains two separate lists of people interested in receiving a swarm of bees.

The Members' list is in "first come, first served" order, with new entries added at the bottom. Once you reach the top of the list we will attempt to contact you as soon as practical after we hear there is a swarm available, using the telephone number you have provided.  If we cannot contact you within a reasonable period of time (i.e. hours, not days) we will attempt to contact the next member on the list, and so on.

Non-members of WDBKA are added to a secondary list and they are listed in a "first-come, first served" order below members.  That is, a non-member will receive a swarm only after all members on the list have had an opportunity to receive it.  If a non-member becomes a member then they will be moved to the bottom of the members' list.


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