Winchester and District Beekeepers’ Association (WDBKA) members enjoy a number of membership benefits as well as the good company of those with a shared interest.

Membership of parent bodies

As a member of WDBKA you also become a member of the Hampshire Beekeeping Association (HBA) and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).
BBKA is the national representation for beekeeping and beekeepers in the UK. You will receive a monthly copy of BBKA News and have access to a large online library of reference and training materials.

Practical experience and formal education

WDBKA encourages its members to keep up to date with current advice and research in apiculture.
Our continuing education is achieved both through apiary visits and supported individual studies for the BBKA practical and theory exams. Our Education Secretary encourages all our beekeepers to take the Basic Assessment within 2-3 years of starting beekeeping.

Throughout the summer months WDBKA meets at members’ apiaries within a few miles of Winchester, where experienced beekeepers explain and demonstrate seasonal skills. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for new beekeepers to get some hands on experience and for experienced beekeepers to exchange views and ideas.

During the winter months WDBKA holds evening meetings on a wide range of topics. There is plenty of time to ask questions and discuss beekeeping and of course, to socialise over tea and biscuits.


WDBKA has a number of resources available for its members and the Committee will always consider requests for new items:

  • equipment: e.g. heated uncapping tray, motorised centrifugal extractors
  • apiaries: there are two association apiaries where members can keep their hives
  • members can access substantial resources about apiculture held by HBA and BBKA.

WDBKA newsletter

We email you a monthly newsletter which contains a round up of local and national news, seasonal tips and upcoming events.

WDBKA WhatsApp group - members only
An informal group for our members to get beekeeping advice and other beekeeping information
. To join please login to Members information page.

WDBKA clothing 

Members can buy T shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces. Please see the Member's area for prices and how to buy.

Becoming a member

To join WDBKA please email Richard our Membership Secretary, giving your full name, phone number and address and say which type of membership you require. As applications are all online nowadays, Richard will send you the relevant link and details of how to pay.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You are also welcome to join us for a few meetings to see if beekeeping is something you would like to do.


Although we hope you never need it, as a full and as a junior member of WDBKA you get public liability insurance. WDBKA is also a member of the Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI) plan. This plan gives you a level of cover against losses if your colonies are affected by certain bee diseases.

For more details see information about insurance.

Subscription rates

Type of membership Cost BBKA magazine WDBKA newsletter BDI insurance for 1-3 hives
(extra cost for more)
Public liability insurance
 Full (for those with hives) £28  √  √  √   √
 Partners £13.50    √            √
 Local ( Associate) £8    √    
 Junior under 18 £5  √  √   √  √
 Schools £28  √  √  √  √