Perhaps you want to enjoy the delicious taste of pure local honey without keeping bees yourself. 


Some of our members may have some honey available that they sell at reasonable prices to those who appreciate the advantages of honey from flowers growing in their own neighbourhood. Please see our list of local beekeepers who sell their honey. 


There are many different types of honey with different characteristics: clear/opaque, runny/set, dark/light and many different flavours. The characteristics of each type depends on the bees’ forage which changes over the season and how it is processed by the beekeeper. Local beekeepers do not attempt to produce a uniform product but instead produce a uniquely flavoured raw honey reflecting the efforts of many thousands of bees and hours of work on the part of the beekeeper.  


Although honey generally doesn’t spoil, all honey will granulate over time to varying levels of thickness and while such granulation does not affect its quality some people prefer their honey to be easy to pour or easily spreadable. Granulated honey can be melted by gentle warming, for example by standing the jar in a pan of warm water for an hour or so. Be careful not to overheat the honey as that will cause changes in colour and flavour.