Some of our members sell their honey at reasonable prices to those who appreciate the advantages of honey from flowers growing in their own neighbourhood. Please contact us for a list of local beekeepers who sell their honey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

There are many different types of honey with different characteristics: clear/opaque, runny/set, dark/light and many different flavours. The characteristics of each type depends on the bees’ forage which changes over the season and how it is processed by the beekeeper. Local beekeepers do not attempt to produce a uniform product but instead produce a uniquely flavoured raw honey reflecting the efforts of many thousands of bees and hours of work on the part of the beekeeper.  

Although honey generally does not spoil, all pure raw honey will granulate or set over time but this does not affect its quality. If you prefer your honey to be easy to pour or spread you can heat it gently. To make it runny again, loosen the top and stand the jar in hot water. Heat very gently until the honey becomes liquid being careful not to over heat as that will cause changes in colour and flavour.

Please note that raw honey is unsuitable for children under 12 months.

Honey is delicious on your morning toast but it is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen: Roger Patterson's honey recipes.


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