In summer (April - August) we meet on the second Saturday of the month at members’ apiaries to see how others manage their bees and then discuss it over tea.


This approach gives everyone an opportunity to share practical knowledge at the hive, including hands-on experience for members that are new to beekeeping, and the inevitable discussion and debate amongst those who have their own well-tested habits.


Our membership is diverse. There are members that manage only one hive and others with multiple hives. We have experience within the association with a wide variety of equipment types, including National, 14 x 12, Langstroth, WBC, Dadant, and so on.


In winter we meet in Itchen Abbas Village Hall on the second Tuesday of each month to hear invited speakers on various bee-related subjects.  Recent topics have included the physiology of bee stings, bee-friendly gardening, and the local history of beekeeping amongst others.


In addition to the bee related activities, members enjoy a friendly social calendar.


See our calendar for a list of upcoming events.


Click the map marker  below for directions to the winter meeting location.